Slab Seal Joints

Saradhi Engineering is the leading manufacturer of products slab seal Joints in Hyderabad. Slab Seal joint consist of steel insert and also elastomeric slab unit. This type of seal is mainly recommended for supported or continuous spans, right or skew, moderately curved with maximum movement up to 50mm. This slab seal joint has been used for many years with a best success rate. Larger size of the joint which tends to produce more noise under traffic. Saradhi Engineering are well known for excellent quality and services. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with advanced quality control as well as the testing laboratory.Our R&D facilities help us to offer quick, customized and also cost effective service to our customers across a wide spectrum of industries and application allover India. Many clients and consultants are satisfied with the performance of our products supplied by Saradhi Engineering.We also produce the products Strip seal Joints.


Slab Seal Joints are widely used in many industries like Pharmaceutical Industries,Electronic Industries,Electrical Industries and much more.It is mainly used on bridge decks and is compatible with both asphalt and concrete surface.