Strip Seal Joints

Saradhi engineering is one of the foremost Strip Seal Joints manufacturers in Hyderabad. Strip Seal is a mechanical device which is for sealing an elongated gap that is formed in between two adjacent road slab sections such as providing continuous support for vehicles in order to cross the gap while allowing the desired temperature as the responsive movement of the road slab sections. A single elastomeric neoprene rubber strip is needed to be protected to the adjacent roads sections on either side of the gap through heavy duty edge beams under a specifically designed profile. We provide best services for Strip seal Joints and also we provide services for Bridge Bearings, Dam Gate Seals, Bridge Expansion Joints, Industrial Products and much more.Strip Seal System which is the unique concept for effective sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with large movements.


  • Edge Beam Thickness: 10 mm
  • Stud Dia: 16 mm
  • Stud Height: 150 mm

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