Rubber Bearings

Saradhi Engineering began the journey of excellence by developing and manufacturing Rubber Bearings in Hyderabad. Rubber Bearings works as mechanical joints in various applications which include road and rail vehicle suspensions, pivot arms, engine and also gearbox mountings. Our Products which is offered by Saradhi Engineering have various designs and also fitment options.Bearings are designed in order to transform the movement and also rotation of bridge structure into elasticity and minimizes the secondary stress generated in the bridge because of the layered rubber sheets which are reinforced by metal plates. These bearings have specifications in parameters like Tensile strength, elongation as well as bond strength. Our products are manufactured using highest quality standards materials, workmanship and also dimensional accuracy and as per client specifications for industrial bearings.


Our Product design which consists of rubber section fully bonded to the inner profiled metal and also to an outer metal that contains three identical segments. When these rubber bearings are pressed into housing, three segments close up, thereby pre-compressing the rubber section so that which helps to improve the life of the part. These bearings which release the stress on the bridge and have the excellent rotation in all directions as well as movements.