Bearing Pads

Capitalizing on our enormous experience,Saradhi Engineering have marked prominent presence as an manufacturer as well as exporter of Bearing Pads in Hyderabad. Constructed with use of fine quality neoprene, our offered products are checked on various quality parameters in order to meet international quality standards. Bearing Pads helps in the construction of bridges and also concrete buildings along with heavy equipment and industrial machinery. Clients are satisfied by using our products and much interested for our services due to following features such as High tensile strength, Optimal functioning, and Ozone resistance. They are used extensively used in bridge structure and prestressed and precast concrete buildings. It is also used in industrial machinery and heavy equipment applications. We also manufacture and also install some of the products like Elastomeric Bridge Bearings and POT/PTFE Bridge Bearings.


Bearing pads are used widely in precast concrete parking garages. They work as buffers between separate concrete members in order to prevent damages and also facilitate movement.They should last for design life of the structure, but also need to be replaced when they are not sufficiently durable.